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  1.  On Location in Lone Pine California Part 1, hosted

by Dave Holland.  Where most of the Hopalong Cassidy westerns were made.

One of the best movie Locations, in my opinion, ever filmed.  Dave Holland does a masterful job in presenting this great location.  RT:  1:44 min



2.  On Location in Lone Pine California Part 2, hosted by Dave Holland.  

ContinuiB Western Locationsng with Dave Holland.  RT:1:48 min.



3.  Great B Western Locations, Volume 1, Narrated

Many B Western films were made at The Iverson Ranch, Columbia Ranch,

Bronson Canyon, The Vasquez Rocks and Little Rock Dam.  RT:  1:33 min.



4.  Great B Western Locations, Volume 2, Narrrated

Locations include Corraganville, Lone Pine, Red Rock Canyon,

Big Bear/Cedar Lake and Pioneer Town.  RT:  1:36 min.



5.  Great B Western Locations, Volume 3, Narrated

Locations include Monogram Ranch, Jauregui Ranch, Walker Ranch

Jack Garner Ranch, Republic backlot.   RT:  1:39 min.



6.  Great B Western Locations, Volume 5, Narrated

Kentucky Park Farms (My Pal Trigger), Agoura Ranch Update,

Paramount Ranch, Wildwood Park, Malibu Creek, Lake Malibu, North Ranch,

Santa Paula Fillmore, Saugus RR Chase, Piru Lake, New Hall Ranch,

Los Angeles RR Chase, Mecca (Riders of Whistling Skull), Rabbit Lucerne

Dry Lakes, Joshua Tree/Twenty Nine Palms.  RT:  1:41 min.



7.  Tombstone Western film Festival Panel Show starring Robert Horton, 

Bruce Boxletter, Dale Robertson, Don Collier, Dirk London, Jan Shepherd.

RT:  1:51 min.     >>> July 5-7, 2002 <<<



8.  1989 Raleigh, NC Western Film Fair interviewing Ann Jeffries, Jean Carman,

Pierce Lyden, Sunset Carson. 

RT:  1:27 min. (Ann Jeffreys & Jean Carman),  

RT:  1:24 min. (Pierce Lyden & Sunset Carson)


SPOOKS A POPPIN   RT:  2:30 min

9.  In the 1930’s and 1940’s many theaters offered at 12 o’clock midnight

show that were meant to bring spook shows live to a new level.  “The promoter says,

for example, please have your boyfiend hug yout tight and watch out for the snakes in the theaters. 

The snakes will be dropped from the ceiling once the lights are turned out plus a lot of other

scary things will happen, recalls the promoter.”  Hallarious!  Good insight into those Spook Shows,

never to return again.



10.  Williamsburg interview/panel show2008,  Stars include Richard Devon, 

Bill Ruehlmann.

RT:  77 min


11.  The 12th Annual Williamsburg Dinner Show 2008, 

RT:  1:44 min.


12.  Williamsburg Western film Festival, February 24, 2001.

James Best, Peggy Stewart, William Smith

RT:  102 min.


13.  Williamsburg Western Film Festival 1998 

Guest Stars:

Dale Robertson

James Best

RT:  71 min.


14.  Knoxville Film Caravan 1992

Guest Stars:

Grace Bradley

Jimmy Ellison

RT:  1:28 min.


15.  Charlotte Western Film Fair  1991

Guest Stars:

Terry Frost, Jennifer Holt, R. G. Armstrong, Bob Brown, Dale Berry.

RT:  58 min.


16.  Knoxville Film Caravan 1989

Guest Stars:

Kirk Alyn, Walter Reed George Wallace, Harry Lauter

RT:  63 min.


17.  Knoxville Western Film Caravan 1989

Guest Stars:

Carolina Cotton, House Peters, Jr., Gail Davis, Harry Lauter

RT:  1:33 min.


18.  Charlotte Film Fair  1986

Guest Stars:

Eddit Dean, Rand Brooks, Ann Jeffreys, Shirley Patterson

RT:  58 min.


19.  Raleigh Western Film Highlights  1984

Guest Stars:

Charles Starrett, Lash LaRue, Kirby Grant, Pee Wee King, plus many more stars.

RT:  1:43 min.


20.  Concert starring Eddie Dean

RT:  40 min.


21.  A tour of Western town Corriganville (Ray Coragan) and

prevues of Western movies.

RT:  59 min.


22.  Last Western Film Fair Nostalia Cnvention, July 12-15,2017
Winston Salem, NC, Running Time: 1 hour & 42 minutes.
(Captures videos (not all years are available) 1980 to
2013). Great Entertainment.  Plenty of the “old” stars in this video!

Knoxville Film Festival  1986,   1 of 2 and 2 of 2  (2 discs)

    Several great stars, over 3 hours

Williamsburg 2005 (Double), Morgan Woodward, Ty Hardin,

     Denny Miller, Anne Jeffreys (2 Discs (1 of 3 & 2 of 3 & 3 of 3).                                                       All three discs for only $9.00

(First Festivals ever held,  1972 & 1974) and also added the 1989 Raleigh, NC Festival,          Charles Starrett guest star