Various A & B West/Non Westerns A thru K


Double Feature-(G Montgomery(Canyon River/Macdonald Carey– Stranger at my Door)

Double Feature–(Cimarron/Randolph Scott-Hangman’s Knot)

Abbot & Costello-Buck Privates

Abbott & Costella-Meet Captain Kidd

Abbott & Costello-Meet the Mummy

Abbott &  Costello-In the Foreign Lgion

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
Accord, Art-The White Outlaw Silent
Acuff, Roy-Home in San Antone
Acuff, Roy-Sing Neighbor Sing
Acuff, Roy-Smoky Mountain Melody
Acuff, Roy-Night Train to Memphis
Allen, Bob-Law of the Ranger
Allen-Ranger Courage
Allen, Reckless Ranger
Allen, Rio Grande Ranger
Allen, The Ranger Steps In
Allen, The Unknown Ranger
Arnold, Eddie-Feudin’ Rhythm
Arnold, Eddie-Hoedown
Agar, John-Tarantula
Agar, John-Star in the Dust
Amos & Andy Vol 9
Amos & Andy Vol 11
Andrew, Dana-Raton Pass
Andrews, Dana-The Oxbow Incident
Andrews, Dana-Three Hours to Kill
Andrews, Dana-Town Tamer
Ansaraa, Michael-Law of the Plainsman, 3 TV Shows

Arlen-Hidden Guns

Arlen-Secret Valley
Arlen-The Big Bonanza
Arlen-The Return of Wildfire
Arlen-Timber Queen

Arthur, Robert-The Desperadoes are in Town
Attack of the 50 ft Woman
Austin, Gene-Songs and Saddles

Ballew-Hawaiian Buckaroo
Ballew, Smith-Panamint’s Bad Man
Ballew-Roll Along, Cowboy
Ballew-Western Gold Bannon, Jim-Cowboy and the Prizefighter
Bannon-Ride Ryder Ride
Bannon-Roll Thunder Roll
Bannon-The Fighting Redhead
Barker, Barker-The Man From Bitter Ridge

Barker-War Drums

Barrymore, John-High Lonesome

Barton, Buz-Human Targets

Baxter- Warner-In Old Arizona
Baxter-Robin Hood of El Dorado
Baxter-Return of the Cisco Kid (Fox)
Baxter-The Cisco Kid (Fox Film Corp-1931)
Baxter-Under the Pampas Moon
Bell, Rex-Broadway to Cheyenne
Bell-Crashing Broadway
Bell-Law and Lead
Bell-Saddle Aces
Bell-Stormy Trails
Bell-The Idaho Kid
Bell-The Tonto Kid
Bell-The Tonto Kid
Bell-West of Nevada

Bennett, C/Bruce Cabot-Wild Bill Hickok Rides

Bill, Cheyenne-Thundering Thompson  (Silent)

Bishop, William-The Phantom Stagecoach

Bishop-Black Eagle

Berry, Noah, Jr.-Forbidden Valley

Berry, Noah, Jr.-Stormy

Beery, Wallace-Bad Bascomb

Triple Feature: Wallace Bery Man From Dakota & Bad Man From Brimstone, The Wild Dakotas Double Feature: Wallace Beery-Salute to the Marines & Fixed Bayonets Bad Man From Brimsto

Bogart, Humphrey-The Black Legion 2694

Double Feature–(Bogart-Treasure of Sierra Madre/Glenn Ford-Cowboy)

Double Feature–(Bob Steele-Durango Valley Raiders/The Bad Man Wallace Beery)

Bomba and the Golden Idol
Bomba and the Jungle Girl
Bomba in Lord of the Jungle
Bomba in Safari Drums
Bomba in the African Treasure
Bomba in the Elephant Stampede
Bomba in the Hidden City
Bomba in the Killer Leopard
Bomba in the Lion Hunters
Bomba in the Lost Volcano
Bomba on Panther Island
Bomba the Jungle Boy
Bowery Boys-Angels’ Alley
Bowery Boys-Blonde dynamite
Bowery Boys-Blues Busters
Bowery Boys-Bowery Battalion
Bowery Boys-Bowery Bombshell
Bowery Boys-Bowery Buckaroos
Bowery Boys-Bowery to Bagdad
Bowery Boys-Clipped Wings
Bowery Boys-Crashing Las Vega
Bowery Boys-Crazy Over Horses
Bowery Boys-Dig That Uranium

East Side Kids-Boys of the City
Bowery Boys-Feudin’ Fools
Bowery Boys-Fighting Trouble
Bowery Boys-Ghost Chasers
Bowery Boys-Hard Boiled Mahoney
Bowery Boys-Here come the Marines
Bowery Boys-High Society
Bowery Boys-Hold that line

Bowery Boys-In The Money
Bowery Boys-Jail Busters
Bowery Boys-Jalopy
Bowery Boys-Jinx Money
Bowery Boys-Jungle Gents
Bowery Boys-Let’s go Navy
Bowery Boys-Loose in London
Bowery Boys-Lucky Losers
Bowery Boys-Meet the monsters
Bowery Boys-Million Dollar Kid-(East Side Kids)
Bowery Boys-News Hounds
Bowery Boys-No Holds Barred
Bowery Boys-Paris Playboys
Bowery Boys-Private Eyes
Bowery Boys-Smugglers Cove
Bowery Boys-Spook Busters
Bowery Boys-Spy Chasers
Bowery Boys-Trouble Makers
Boyd-The Painted Desert

William Boyd-Emergency  Call

Brady, Scott-Ambush at Cimarron Pass
Brady, Scott-The Law vs Billy the Kid
Brady, Scott-The Restless Breed
Brennen, Walter-Shoot Out at Big Sag
Brennen, Walter (Jeffrey Hunter)-Lure of the Wilderness
Brent, George-Gold is Where You Find It
Brian, David-Fury at Gunsight Pass
Brian, David-Inside Straight
Bridges, Loyd-Apache Woman
Bronfield, John-Frontier Gambler
Broncho “Billy” Anderson-5 western shorts Silent
Bronson, Charles-Showdown at Boot Hill
Brown, James-Five Guns to Tombstone
Brown, Joe E-Shut My Big Mouth
Brown, Joe E-You Said a Mouthfull
Buck Taylor-Gunsmoke (Hanging of Newly O’Brien)
(Taylor & Curtis, “Festus” Interview)

Yul Bryner-Cat Low
Butel, Jack-Rose of Cimarron
Buffalo Bill, Jr.(Jay Wilsey)-Lightning Bill
Buffalo Bill, Jr.(Jay Wilsey)-Rawhide Romance
Buffalo Bill, Jr.(Jay Wilsey)-Westward Bound
Cabot, Bruce-Wild Bill Hickok Rides
Canova, Judy-Oklahoma Annie
Canutt, Yakima-Branded a Bandit Silent
Canutt, Yakima-Canyon Hawks
Canutt, Yakima-The Iron Rider Silent
Canutt, Yakimaw-Outlaw Breaker
Carey, Macdonald-Cave of Outlaws
Carey, Macdonald-Comanche Territory
Carey, Macdonald-Man or Gun
Carey, Macdonald-Streets of Laredo (w/ William Holden)
Carey, Phil-Massacre Canyon
Carey, Phil-Return to Warbow
Carey, Phil-The Outlaw Stallion
Carey, Phil-They Rode West
Carey, Phil-Woming Renegades
Carlson-Creature From The Black Lagoon
Carter, Dick-The Golden Trails & Dick Hatton-The Lure of the Range (Dbl Feature)
Carpenter, Johnny-I Killed Wild Bill Hickok
Carpenter, Johnny-Son of the Renegade
Carroll, John-Plunderers of Painted Flats
Castle, Peggy-Two-Gun Lady
Challenge To Be Free (Movie shot in yukon, Alaska)1382
Cassidy-Border Patrol Cassidy-Borrowed Trouble Cassidy-Dangerous Venture Cassidy-Double Feature_(Eagle’s Brood & Unexpected Guests) Cassidy-Three Men From Texas & False Colors Cassidy- Forty Thieves & Mystery Man Cassidy-The Devil’s Playground Cassidy-Twilight on the Trail Cassidy-Unexpected Guest Cassidy-Mystery Man Chan-Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
Chan-Charlie Chan at the Circus
Chan-Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Chan-Charlie Chan at the Opera
Chan-Charlie Chan at the Race Track
Charlie Chan and the Scarlet Clue Chan-Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
Chan-Charlie Chan in Behind That Curtain (1929)
Chan-Charlie Chan in Castle in the Desert
Chan-Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
Chan-Charlie Chan in Dangerous Money
Chan-Charlie Chan in Dark Alibi
Chan-Charlie Chan in Dead Men Tell
Chan-Charlie Chan in Honolulu
Chan-Charlie Chan in London
Chan-Charlie Chan in Murder Over New York
Chan-Charlie Chan in Panama
Chan-Charlie Chan in Paris
Chan-Charlie Chan in Reno
Chan-Charlie Chan in Rio
Chan-Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Chan-Charlie Chan in Shanghai Chest

Chan-Charlie Chan in Shadows over Chinatown
Chan-Charlie Chan in the Chinese Ring
Chan-Charlie Chan in the Red Dragon

Chan-Charlie Chan in Black Magic & The Red Dragon (Double Feature)

Charlie Chan in The Secret

Charlie Chan in The Scarlet Clue
Chan-Charlie Chan in the Trap
Chan-Charlie Chan in the Wax Museum
Chan-Charlie Chan on Broadway

Chandler, Jeff-Battle at Apache Pass

Chandler-Broken Arrow


Chandler-Man in the Shadow

Chandler-Pillars in the Sky

Chandler-The Great Sioux Uprising

Chandler-The Jay Hawkers

Chandler-The Spoilers

Chandler-Thunder in the Sun

Chandler-Two Flags West

Chandler-War Arrow 

Lane-Code of Honor
Chandler, Lane-Guns for Hire
Chandler, Lane-Beyond the Law
Chandler, Lane-Outlaw Tamer
Chandler,Lane-The Lone Bandit
Chaney, Lon-The Mummy’s Curse
Chaney-The Wolf man
Chaney-The Mummy’s Ghost
Clark, Dane-Fort Defiance
Clark, Dane-Thunder Pass
Classic TV Westerns – Volume 1
Classic TV Westerns – Volume 2
Classic Western trailers
Cobb, Edmund-4 silent westerns
Coburn (Rocky Camron)-Gun Smoke
Cochran, Steve-Quantrill’s Raiders
Cochran, Steve-The lion and the horse
Cody-Blazing Justice
Cody-Border Guns
Cody-Border Menace
Cody-Cyclone Ranger
Cody-Frontier days
Cody-Outlaws of the Range
Cody-Reckless Buckaroo
Cody-Six Gun Justice
Cody-Texas Rambler
Cody-The Montana Kid
Cody-The Vanishing Riders
Cody-Western Racketeers
Colbert-Texas Lady
Connors, Chuck-The Rifleman
Connors-Tomahawk Trail
Cooley-The Kid From Gower Gulch
Cooley-The Silver Bandit
Cooper, Ben-Duel at Apache Wells
Cooper, Gary-Fighting Caravans
Cooper-Garden of Evil
Cooper-Springfield Rifle
Cooper-The Hanging Tree
Cooper-The Plainsman

Northwest Mounted Police

Cooper-The Virginian   (Gary Cooper & Walter Houston,  1929)

Cooper-The Westerner
Cord, Alex-Stagecoach
Corrigan-Buckskin Rangers TV Pilot
Courtland, Jerome-The Palomino
Craig, James-Fort Vengeance
Craig-Last of the Desperados
Craig-Northwest Rangers
Craig-Northwest Stampede

Crawford-Last of the Comanches

Crawford-The Last Posse
Curtis-Cowboy Blues

Curtis-Lone Star Moonlight 1741

Curtis-Over the Santa Fe Trail
Curtis-Lone Star Moonlight
Curtis-Throw a Saddle on a Star
Curtis,Tony-The Rawhide Years

Cushing , Peter-Hound of the Baskervilles

Daniel Boone Vol  1

Daniel Boone Vol 2

Daily, Dan-A Ticket to Tomahawk
Custer-Ambush Valley
Custer-Law of the Rio Grande
Custer-Quick Trigger Lee
Custer-The Scarlet Brand

The Frontier Maeshals-
Davis, Boyd, Powell-Along the Sundwon Trail

Davis, Boyd, Powell-Prairie Pals
Davis, Boyd, Powell-Raiders of the West
Davis, Boyd, Powell-Rolling Down the Great Divide
Davis, Boyd, Powell-Texas Manhunt
Davis, Boyd, Powell-Tumbleweed Trail

Curtis, Ken-Over the Santa Fe Trail
Curtis, Tony-The Rawhide Years
Curtis-Cowboy Blues
Curtis-Lone Star Moonlight
Curtis,Throw a Saddle on a Star
Dailey, Dan-A Ticket to Tomahawk
Daniel Boone-Vol 1 793Daniel Boone-Vol 2 794

Danton, Ray-The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond
Davis, Jim, Raiders of Old California
Davis, Jim-Frontier Uprising
Davis, Jim-Last Stagecoach West
Day, Doris-Calamity Jane
Denning, Richard-The Oklahoma Woman
Denver, Bob-Dusty’s Trail (3 TV shows)
Dew, Eddie-Beyond the Last Frontier
Dew, Eddie-Raiders of Sunset Pass
Dew, Eddie-Trail to Gunsight
Dix, Richard-Tombstone
Dix-Redskin (Silent)
Dix-The Lost Squadron                                                                                                                                              Dix-Yellow Dust

Dix-The Vanishing American (Silent)

Dix-The Lucky Devil (Silent)

Dix-American EmpireDix,

Richard-The Kansan

Dix-Buckskin Frontier


Dix-The Arizonian

Douglas, Kirk-The Last Sunset (also Rock Hudson)

Douglas-Cactus Jack


Douglas-Big Sky

Douglas-Indian Fighter

Douglas-Along the Great Divide

Douglas-Last Train From Gun Hill

Douglas-The Big Trees

Douglas-The Way West

Drumbrille, Douglas-The Mysterious Rider

Gordon Scott & Steeve Reeves-Duel of the Titans
Duff, Howard-Red Canyon
Duff, Howard-The Broken Star
Duryea, Dan-Black Bart
Duryea-The Marauders
Duryea-Taggart 2693
East side kids-Million dollar kid
Edwards, Bill-Fighting Stallion
Edwards, Bill-The Fighting Stallion
Egan, Richard-Tension at Table Rock
Ellison, Jimmy-Calamity Jane and the Texan
Ellison-Last of the wild horses
Ericison-The Return of Jack Slade
Erikson, Leif-Born to the Saddle

Feature Verions of Serials-Sheena, Flash Gordon, Fu Manchu, Joe Palooka

Fletcher, Tex-Six-Gun Rhythm
Flynn-Dodge City
Flynn-San Antonio
Flynn-Silver River
Flynn-Virginia City
Fonda-A Big Hand For the Little Lady
Fonda-My Darling Clementine
Fonda-The Oxbow Incident
Fonda-The Return of Frank James
Fonda-The Tin Star
Fonda-Welcome to Hard times
Forbes-Adv of Jim Bowie TV Shows
Ford, Francis-The Invaders (silent)

Foster, Preston-Montana Territory
Foster, Preston-The Outcasts of Poker Flats

Gable-Across the Wide Mossouri

Gable-King and Four Queens
Gable, Clark-Lone Star

Garland, Judy-The Harvey Girls
Garner-Duel at Diablo
Garner-Hour of the Gun

Garner-Support Your Local Sheriff
Gibson-The Riding Avenger 2301 Granger, Stewart-The Wild North

Haines, William-Way Out West
Hall, Jon-Kit Carson
Hall-When the Redskins Rode
Harlan, Kenneth-Under Montana Skies
Hart, Maria-Cattle Queen
Hayden, Sterling-Arrow in the Dust
Hayden-Flaming Feather
Hayden-Gun Battle at Monterey
Hayes, Gabby-TV Shows Vol 1
Hayes, Gabby-TV Shows 2
Hayward, Susan-I’d Climb the Highest Mountain
Heflin, Van-Gunman’s Walk
Heflin, Van-The Raid
Heflin, Van-Wings of the Hawk
Heston-Pony Express
Heston-The Savage
Heston-Three Violent People
Holbrook, Hal-Legend of the Golden Gun
Holden, William-Arizona
Holden-Escape from Fort Bravo
Holden-Rachel and the Stranger
Holden-Streets of Laredo
Homeier, Skip-Thunder Over Arizona
Hope, Bob-Alias Jesse James
Hope, Bob-Fancy Pants
Houston G- The lone rider and the bandit 495
Houston, G-Border Roundup 1516
Houston, G-Frontier Scout 663
Houston, G-Outlaws of Boulder Pass 1520
Houston, G-Rangeland Racket aka-Frontier Fury 2389
Houston, G-The lone Rider Fights Back 1323
Houston, G-The Lone Rider in Cheyenne 1465
Houston, G-The Lone Rider in Ghost Town 1328
Houston, G-The Lone Rider in Texas Justice 2026
Houston, Walter-Law and Order 201
Howard, John-The Texas Rangers Ride Again

Hoxie-Gold 2362
Hoxie-Gun Law 1962
Hoxie-Law and Lawless 1349
Hoxie-The Desert Rider Silent 2132
Hoxie-Trouble Busters 2090

Hunter, Tab- The Burning Hills 1860
Ireland, John-Gunslinger 2027
Johnson, Ben-Fort Bowie 2039
Johnson, Ben-Wagon Master 2437
Johnson, Ben-Wild Stallion 2590
Johnson, Van-Siege at Red River 1850
Houston, Walter-Law and Order
Howard, John-The Texas Rangers Ride Again
Hudson-Horizons West
Hudson-Seminole Hudson, Rock-Taza, Son of Cochise
Hudson-The Last Sunset
Hudson-The Lawless Breed

Hunter, Jeffrey-Lure of the Wilderness
Hunter, Tab- The Burning Hills
Ireland, John-Gunslinger
Jeffrey, Herb-Harlem Rides the Range
Jeffrey-The Bronze Buckaroo
Jeffrey-Two Gun Man From Harlem
Johnson, Ben-Fort Bowie
Johnson, Ben-Wagon Master
Johnson, Ben-Wild Stallion
Johnson, Van-Siege at Red River
Karloff, Boris- Frankenstein
Jack Kelly(Maverick) -Dutchman’s Gold, Spanish Dancer, The Ice Man Keel, Howard-Arizona Bushwackers
Keith, Brian-Villa
Keith-Sierra Baron Kelly, Gene-Inherit the Wind
Kelly, Paul-It happened Out West
Kennedy, Arthur-Rauncho Notorious
Kerrigan, William-The Covered Wagon (Silent)
Kimbrough-Sundown Jim
King of the Sierras
King, Bret-Jesse James vs The Daltons
Knapp-Gunmen From Laredo
Kohler, Jr, Fred-Toll of the Desert
Kohler-The Pecos Kid