**Silent Westerns

Silent B Western Movies: 

Accord, Art-The White Outlaw
Bill, Cheyenne-Thundering Thompson
Anderson, Broncho “Billy”-5 Western Shorts
Canutt, Yakima-Branded a Bandit
Canutt, Yakima-The Iron Rider
Carey, Harry-Beyond the Border
Carey, Harry-Straight Shooting
Cobb, Ed-4 Silent Westerns
Fairbanks, Douglas-Wild and Wooly
Fairbanks, Douglas-The Mark of Zorro
Farnum, Dustin-The Sqaw Man
Farnum, Dustin-The Virginian
Gibson, Hoot-The Buckaroo Kid
Gibson, Hoot-Calgary Stampede
Gibson, Hoot-The Phantom Bullet
Great Train Robbery, Ben Hur, Tom Mix
Hart, William-Blue Blazes Rawden
Hart, William-Craddle of Courage
Hart, William-Hell’s Hinges
Hart, William-Return of Draw Egan
Hart, William-The Bargin
Hart, William-The Disciple
Hart, William-The Narrow Trail
Hart, William-The Toll Gate
Hart, William-2 reel shorts
Hart, William-Tumbleweeds
Hart, William-Wagon Tracks
Kerrigan, William-The Covered Wagon
Maynard, Ken-The Fighting Legion
Maynard, Ken-The Grey Vulture
Maynard, Ken-The Red Raiders
McCoy, Tim-Spoilers of the West
Mix, Art-Romance of the Wasteland

Keene, Tom-Tide of Empire

Mix, Tom-Action Sale of Rundown Ranch
Mix, Tom-In the Days of the Thundering Herd
Mix, Tom-Tony
Mix, Tom-Riders of the Purple Sage
Mix, Tom-Sky High
Mix, Tom-The Great K & A Train Robbery
Mix, Tom-The Heart of Texas Ryan
Mix, Tom-The Last Trail
Mix, Tom-Law and the Outlaw
Mix, Tom-The Man From Texas
Mix, Tom-Trailin’
O’Brien, George-Sunrise
O’Brien, George-The Iron Horse
O’Brien, George-Three (3) Bad Men
Thomson, Fred-Galloping Gallagher
Thomson, Fred-Thundering Hoofs
Wales, Wally-Desert of the Lost
Whitley, Ray-5 Western Movie shorts
Williams, Tex-5 Western Shorts
Williams, Tex-9 Western shorts
Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1927 silent version