L thru Z


Larsen, Keith-Son of Bell Star
Lease, Rex-The Silver Trail
Lease-Cyclone of the Saddle
Lease-Fighting Caballero
Lease-In Old Cheyenne
Lease-Pals of the Range
Lease-Rough Riding Ranger
Lease-The Cowboy and the Bandit
Leo Carrillo & Andy Devine-Timber
Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
Lone Pine On Location Part I
Lone Pine On Location Part 2
Lord, Jack-Ride to Hangman’s Tree
Lovejoy, Frank-Cole Younger, Gunfighter
Loy, Myrna-Rogue of the Rio Grande
Luden-Phantom Gold
Luden-Pioneer Trail
Luden-Rolling Caravans
Lund, John-Five Guns West
Lundigan, William-Headin’ for God’s Country
Lundigan, William-Mystery in Mexico
MacMurray, Fred-Face of a Fugitive
MacMurray-Good Day for a Hanging
MacMurray-Gun for a Coward
Murray-Rangers of Fortune
MacMurray-The Moonlighter
Murray-The Oregon Trail
Madison, Guy-Bullwhip
Madison-Drums of the Deep South
Madison-Massacre River
Madison-The Charge at Feather River
Madison-The Command
Madison-The Hard Man
Mahoney, Jock-Overland Pacific
Mahoney-Jock-Last of the Fast Guns
March, Fredric-The Adv of Mark Twain
Martin, Dean-Rough Night in Jericho
Martin,Dean-Four For Texas

Massey-Seven Angry Man
Mature, Victor-Chief Crazy Horse
Mature, Victor-My Darling Clementine
Mature, Victor-The Last Frontier
Mature-Fury at Furnace Creek
Mature-Victor-Escort West

Garner ,James (Maverick) (3 Episodes-Trooper Maverick

                                                 (Episodes) -Diamond in the Rough

                                                  (Episodes) -Friend of the Peoples

                                                3Episodes-Comstock Conspiracy

                                      -Rope of Cards

                                      -A Fellow’s Brother

                                       -Seed of Deception

McGowan, Don-Snowfire
Mclaglen, Victor-Lost Patrol
McNally, Stephen-Apache Drums
McNally-Hell’s Crossroads
McNally-Man From Bitter Ridge
McNally-Stand Apache River
McNally-Wyoming Mail

McQueen, Steve-Nevada Smith
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
Merill, Gary-The Black Dakotas
Milland, Ray-California
Milland, Cooper Canyon
Milland-A Man Alone
Mitchum, Robert-The Wonderful Country
Mitchum-Villa Rides
Mitchum-Blood on the Moon
Mitchum-Farewell My Lovely
Mitchum-Man with the Gun
Mitchum-Rachel and the Stranger
Mitchum-River of no Return
Mitchum-The Way West
Mitchum-West of the Pecos
Mix, Art-Romance of the Wasteland
Mix, Art-The Rawhide Terror
Moore, Clayton-Origin of the Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger (feature)
Moore-The Lone Ranger & The Lost City of Gold
Moore-The Lone Ranger TV Shows
Moore-TV Shows (The Lost Episodes-The Lone Ranger)
Monroe, Vaughan-Singing Guns
Monroe-Toughest Man in Arizona
Montana, Montie-Circle of Death
Morgan, Dennis-Bad Men of Missouri
Morgan-Cattle Town

Morgan, Dennis-Ox Bow Incident
Morgan-The Gun That won the West

Morgan-River End
Murray, Don-From Hell to Texas
Newill-Crashing Thru 1521
Newill-Danger Ahead 1767
Newill-Fighting Mad 1941
Newill-On The Great White Trail 1927
Newill-Renfrew of the Royal Mounted 1863
Newill-Yukon Flight 1928
Newman-The Left Handed Gun 1192
Nolan, Lloyd-Apache Trail 2141
O’Brian, Pat-Cowboy From Brooklyn 2691
O’Brien, Dave-Bad Men of Thunder Gap 1636
O’Brien, Dave-Boss of Rawhide 1181
O’Brien, Dave-Guns of the Law 659
O’Brien, Dave-The Rangers Takes Over 2411
O’Brien, Dave-Water Rustlers 2232
O’Brien, Edmond-Cow Country 2057
O’Brien, Edmond-Silver City 1756

O’Brien, Edmond-War Path
O’Hara, Maureen-Redhead From Wyoming
O’Herlihy, Daniel-Adv of Robinson Crusoe

Ohara, Maureen-Redhead From Wyoming
Page, Dorothy-Ride ’em Cowgirl
Page, Dorothy-Water Rustlers
Paige, Robert-Frontier Badmen
Palance, Jack-The Lonely Man
Panic-1957 TV Series
Parker, Fess-Smoky
Parker, Willard-Renegades
Payne-King of the Lumberjacks
Payne-Passage West
Payne-Rails to Laramie
Payne-Rebel in Town
Payne-Santa Fe Passage
Payne-Tennessee’s Partner(Ronald Regan)
Payne, John-The Road to Denver
Powell, Lee-Trigger Pals
Powell-Station West
Power, Tyrone-Jesse James

Power-Mark of Zorro

Presely-Flaming Star
Presley, Elvis-Love Me Tender
Quinn, Anthony-The Ride Back
Ralston, Vera-Gunfire at Indian Gap
2195 Ralston, Vera-Jubilee Trail
Ramar of the Jungle
Peck, Gregory-Yellow Sky 2442
Peck-Duel in the Sun 1131
Peck-Mackenna’s Gold 1958
Peck-Only the Valiant 1983
Peck-Shoot-Out 2335
Peck-The Bravados 1838
Peck-The Gunfighter 2318
Perrin-Gun Grit 2461
Perrin-Loser’s End 2296
Perrin-North Of Arizona 2084
Perrin-Rawhide Mail 1693
Perrin-Texas Jack 1972
Perrin-The Apache Kid’s Escape 1275
Perrin-Wildcat Saunders 505
Perrin-Wolf Riders 506
Powell, Lee-Trigger Pals 1251
Powell-Station West 2340
Power-Jesse James 477
Power-Rawhide 1339
Presely-Flaming Star 2470

Presely-(Double Feature) Follow that Dream & Girl Happy
Presley, Elvis-Love Me Tender 2148

Quinn, Anthony-Black Gold
Quinn, Anthony-The Ride Back 2319
Ralston, Vera-Gunfire at Indian Gap 2195
Ralston, Vera-Jubilee Trail 2584
Ramar of the Jungle 1175
Range Rider Vol 1
Range Rider Vol 3
Range Rider Vol 4
Range Rider Vol 7
Ranger Rider Vol 8
Rawhide TV Shows Disc 6 1667
Reeves-Myst Death of Superman 440
Reeves-Supermen and the mole Men 1338
Renaldo-Satan’s Craddle 1801
Renaldo-The Cisco Kid TV Shows 655
Renaldo-The Cisco Kid Returns 1777
Renaldo-The Daring Caballero 1820
Renaldo-The Gay Amigo 1469
Rin Tin Tin-Caryl of the Mountains 2017
Rin Tin Tin-Fangs of the Wild 2218
Rin Tin Tin-Law of the Wolf 2219
Rin Tin Tin-Skull and Crown 2220
Robertson, Dale-Devil’s Canyon 2586
Robertson-A Day of Fury 2038
Robertson-Blood on the Arrow 2649
Robertson-City of Bad Men 2500
Robertson-Dakota Incident 373

Robertson-Gambler From Natchez
Robertson-Gunfight at black horse canyon 2343
Robertson-Law of the Lawless 2410
Robertson-Sitting Bull 496
Robertson-Tales of Wells Fargo TV Shows Disc 2 1665
Robertson-The Silver Whip 388
Rogers, Wayne- Stagecoach West 3 TV Shows approx. RT: 45 min ea 2562
Rogers, Will-Judge Priest 1081
Roland, Gilbert-King of the Bandits (Cisco Kid) 2370
Romero-Lucky Cisco Kid 1783
Romero-Ride on Vaquero 1782
Romero-Romance of the Rio Grande 2268
Romero-The Cisco Kid and the Lady 2159
Romero-The Gay Caballero 1781
Romero-VIVA Cisco Kid 1769

Rooney-Love laughs at Andy Hardy
Rooney, Mickey-My Outlaw Brother 2524
Rooney, Mickey-The Twinkle in God’s Eye 2032
Roosevelt-Lightning Range 1635
Roosevelt-The Boss Cowboy 2108
Roosevelt-The Range Riders 1562
Rough Ridin’ Kids-Arizona Manhunt 2053
Rough Ridin’ Kids-Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas 2051
Rough Ridin’ Kids-The Dakota Kid 2052
Rough Ridin’ Kids-Wild Horse Ambush 2047
Russell, Jane-Montana Belle 2010
Russell, Jane-The Outlaw (Colorized) 2547
Russell, Reb-Blazing Guns (fair print) 1827
Russell-Border Vengeance 1348
Russell-Fighting to Live 1829
Russell-Range Warfare 1760
Russell-The Cheyenne Tornado 1828
Russell-The Man From Hell 1301
Ryan-Best of the Badmen 378
Ryan-Day of the Outlaw 751
Ryan-Horizon’a West 1708
Ryan-The Proud Ones 732
Savage, Ann-Legendary Outlaws
Scott, Fred-Code of the Fearless 2114
Scott, Fred-Knight of the Plains 2036
Scott, Fred-Knight of the Plains 2036
Scott, Fred-Songs and Bullets 2035
Scott, Fred-The Roaming Cowboy 240
Scott, Zachary-Treasure of Ruby Hills 2692
Russell, Jane-Montana Belle
Sergeant Preston Vol 1
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Vol 2
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Vol 3
Sharpe, David-Silver Stallion
Spilsbury-The Legend of the Lone Ranger
Spooks “A” Poppin-Midnight Spook Shows. Theaters 1940’s/’50’s

Stack, Robert-Conquest of Cohise
Stack, Robert-War Paint
Stanwyck, Barbara-Annie Oakley
Stanwyck, Barbara-Forty Guns
Stanwyck, Barbara-Maverick Queen
Stevens, Mark-Jack Slade
Stevens, Warren-Stagecoach to Dancer’s Rock

Warren Stevens–Gunsmoke in Tucson

Stewart, James-Bandelero

Stewart-Broken Arrow

Stewart-Destry Rides Again

Stewart-The Far Country

Stewart-The Man From Laramie

Stewart-The Naked Spur

Stewart-The Rare Breed

Stewart-Two Rode Together

Sullivan, Barry-Bad Men of Tombstone


Sullivan-Stage to Dancers’s Rock

Sullivan-This Savage Land

Sullivan-TV- The Tall Man (4 Episodes)

Sullivan-Dragon’s Wells Massacre

 Tarzan and his Mate (Weismeuller)
Tarzan and the Amazons (Weismeuller)
Tarzan and the Green Goddess
Tarzan and the Huntress (Weismeuller)
Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Weismeuller)
Tarzan and the Lost Safari (Gorden Scott)
Tarzan and the mermaids (Weismeuller)
Tarzan and the she-devil  (Lex Barker)
Tarzan and the Slave Girl  (Lex Barker)
Tarzan and the Trappers (Scott)
Tarzan EscapesTarzan Finds a Son (Weismeuller)
Tarzan Goes to India  (Jock Mahoney)
Tarzan the Ape Man (Weismeuller)
Tarzan the Magnificent
Tarzan Triumphs (Weismuller)
Tarzan’s Desert Mystery (Weismeuller)
Tarzan’s Fight For Life
Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure
Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle
Tarzan’s Magic Fountain
Tarzan’s New York Adventure (Weismeuller)
Tarzan’s Peril
Tarzan’s savage fury
Tarzan’s Secret Treasure
Tarzan-Tarzan and the Valley of Gold
Tarzan-Tarzan’s Three Challenges
Tarzan-The Many Faces of Tarzan
Taylor, Kent-Ghost Town
Taylor, Robert-Ambush
Taylor, Robert-Billy the Kid
Taylor, Robert-Cattle King
Taylor, Robert-Devil’s Doorway
Taylor, Robert-Party Girl (Non Western)
Taylor, Robert-Return of the Gunfighter
Taylor, Robert-Saddle the Wind
Taylor, Robert-The Hangman
Taylor, Robert-The Last Hunt
Taylor, Robert-The Law and Jake Wade
Taylor, Robert-Westward the Women
Thompson, Ken-Call of the Coyote
Thompson, Fred-Galloping Gallagher Silent
Thompson, Fred-Thundering Hoofs
Three Stooges-Rockin’ in the Rockies
Three Stooges-The Outlaws is Coming
Todd, Richard-A Man Called Peter
Tone, Franchote-Trail of the Vigilantes
Towne, Rosella-The Adv of Jane Arden
Tracy, Spencer-Inherit the Wind
TV Shows-Tombstone Territory w/ Pat Conway 4 Episodes
TV Shows-Westerns Vol 1, (Judge Roy Bean, Fury, Adv of Jim Bowie, Annie Oakley)
TV Shows-Westerns Vol  2, (Death Valley Days, Sky King, Tate, Sergeant Preston)
TV Shows-Westerns Vol 3, (The Lone Ranger, Bat Masterson, Cisco Kid, Roy Rogers Show)
TV’s Western Heroes >>>  (Compilation of TV Western Heroes hosted by Will Hutchins RT:1:58 minutes)
Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1903 & 1927 versions Silent
Wade, Russ-Sundown Riders
Wagner, Robert-White Feather
Wales, Wally-Canyon Hawks/
Wales, Wally-Desert of the Lost Silent
Wales, Wally-Flying Lariats/
Wales, Wally-Red Fork Range/

Wales-West of the Law
Wales, Wally-Way of the West
Walker-Cheyenne TV Shows Disc 4/
Walker-Fort Dobbs
Walker-Gold of the Seven Saints/
Walker-Yellowstone kelly/
Warren-Code of the West/
Warren-Sunset Pass/
Warren-Wanderer of the Wasteland
Wayne-Hondo (in 3d purchase glasses on Ebay) Wayne, John-Three Godfathers (Colorized) 2526
Wayne-Dark Command-color 1578
Wayne-Haunted Gold 422 wc
Wayne-John Wayne Trailers 2189
Wayne-King of the Pecos 2545

Wayne-Red River     (Colorized)
Wayne-Ride Him Cowboy 749
Wayne-Riders of Destiny (Colorized) 2227
Wayne-Somewhere in Sonora 2556
Wayne-The Big Stampede 684
Wayne-The Man From Monterey 2568
Wayne-The Star Packer Colorized 2228
Wayne-The Telegraph Trail 2567

Wayne-The Spoilers

Wayne-Winds of the Wasteland (aka Stagecoach Run) colorized 2368
Weismeuller-Jungle Jim Vol 1 (TV series)/
Weismeuller-Jungle Jim Vol 2 (TV series)
Weismeuller-Jungle Jim Vol 3 (TV series)
Weismeuller-Jungle Jim (feature)
Weismeuller-Jungle Manhunt (feature)
Weismeuller-The Forbidden Land (feature)/
Weissmuller-Mark of the Gorilla (feature)/
Weissmuller-Pygmy Island (feature)/
Weissmuller-The Lost Tribe
Weismeuller-Mark of the Gorilla
Wells, Ted-The Phantom Cowboy/
Whitley, Ray-Five (5) Western Shorts/
Whitley-5 Western Movie Shorts/
Widmark-Cheyenne Autumr> Widmark-Warlock/
Widmark-Yellow Sky/
Wilde, Cornel-Sons of the mesq. aka At Sword’s point/
Williams, “Big Boy” Rides Again
Williams, Big Boy–Bad Lands/
Williams, Big Boy-Cowboy Holiday/
Williams, Big Boy-Gunplay-aka-Lucky Boots/
Williams, Big Boy-Swing in the Saddle/
Williams, Big Boy-The Law of 45’s/
Williams, Big Boy-Thunder Over Texas/
Williams, Bill-Adv of Kit Carson
Williams, Bill-Apache Ambus h
Williams, Bill-The Broken Star
Williams, Bill-The Wild Dakotas
Williams, Tex-5 Western shorts
Williams, Tex-9 Western shorts/
Williams, Warren-Perry Mason, Strange Illusion, RT: 85 min
Williams, Warren-Perry Mason, Wives Under Suspicion, RT: 68 min

Whitley, Ray-and his 6 Bar Cowboys, 5 RKO Western Shorts

Woods, Donald-Bells of San Fernando
Worden, Hank-Thank Ya, Thank Ya, Thank Ya Kindly
Young, Robert-Relentness
Zulu-Jack Hawkins