Jimmy Wakely

Wakely-Across the Rio Grande/ 
Wakely-Brand of Fear/ 
Wakely-Courtin’ Trouble/ 
Wakely-Cowboy Cavalier/ 
Wakely-Gun Law Justice 
Wakely-Gun Runner/ 
Wakely-Lawless Code/ 
Wakely-Lonesome Trail
Wakely-Moon over Montana/ 
Wakely-Oklahoma Blues/ 
Wakely-Outlaw Brand/ 
Wakely-Partners of the sunset/ 
Wakely-Rainbow over the rockies
Wakely-Range Renegades/ 
Wakely-Ridin’ Down the Trail/ 
Wakely-Riding the Dusty Trail (Dawn)/ 
Wakely-Roaring Westward/
Wakely-Saddle Serenade/ 
Wakely-Silver Trails/  W
akely-Six-Gun Serenade
Wakely-Song of the drifter/ 
Wakely-Song of the Range/ 
Wakely-Song of the Sierras/ 
Wakely-Song of the Wasteland/ 
Wakely-Springtime in texas/ 
Wakely-The Rangers Ride/ 
Wakely-Trail to Mexico/ 
Wakely-West of the Alamo/